The Apprentices

The Apprentices
The Apprentices

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Latest News

I am now over halfway through my apprenticeship and it is going as well as ever. I am now working on the CSD (Client Static Data) team after my six months on Pensions. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the Pensions department and was upset to leave but on the other hand it gave me another opportunity to meet new colleagues and widen my knowledge and experience in another department. I am now deep into my time at CSD and I am enjoying it just as much as I enjoyed my time at Transfers and Pensions. Again, like my two previous departments everyone has been very supportive and have played a big part in the speed of which I have settled into the teams. My day to day tasks are to open accounts that come through our system and also to set up any standing orders that need to be done. Some more good news to tell is that I have passed the first of my three exams and I am now working to complete the second exam which is Regulations. Last month I, along with the other apprentices, were allowed to go and visit our London office which was a great opportunity. After visiting the office, being shown around and having a few discussions we then set off to have a tour of ‘Financial London’ which was fantastically organised and demonstrated by the tour guide. It was good to see how the financial industry started off and has progressed through the years.

Friday, 22 August 2014

My Apologies

Apologies, it has been a while since I have last published an update of were I am with my apprenticeship. I am now just fewer than 11 months into my apprenticeship and it is still going as well as it was when I last talked abut it. I am now working in the Pensions department which is very different to when I was working in Transfers. It is coming up to 5 months that I have been working in the Pensions department which in my opinion has flown by and has been very enjoyable. Since I started working in the Pensions department in early April, I have been given several different task for me to carry out – some easier than others. A daily routine for me would be to send out any Letter of Authority’s that we have in the morning. These get sent out to external companies who our mutual clients have policies with. The reason for these getting sent out is to get authority on the policies so we can request information and possibly transfer the agency to Rathbones. I would then chase this every so often to make sure we received the information requested. Another task that I would carry out would be to update 1st (our bespoke software) with any CIF (Client Information Forms) that come in from the clients. This includes several details about the client whether it to be about their address, income details, expenditure details etc. With the CIF comes an ATR (attitude to risk) Questionnaire. This is made up of 10 questions that the client is to answer either 1,2,3,4 or 5. At the end of the questionnaire the client is to add up their score and this gives them a risk category whether it is Cautious, Balanced or Speculative. This shows what type of attitude they have when investing their money. As we as doing the above there have also been other tasks that I have carried out such as contacting external companies to get commission statements or contacting the advisers from Rathbones to see if they want annual packs sending out for their clients. Everyone in the Pensions department has made it a lot easier for me to settle in and work as they have always offered support to me when needed and it is good to know that if I am eve to need any help or assistance I can ask the people around me without there being any problems. I now only have just over a month left on the Pensions department and as I was when I was working in Transfers, I will be sad to leave. I am going to enjoy the remainder of my time in the Pensions department and look forward to the new challenge of my apprenticeship when I move to a different department in the company. That’s all from me for now, but next time I will talk you through how I got on towards the end of my time in Pensions and how I am feeling about moving to my next department, CSD (Client Static Data).

Monday, 17 March 2014

5 Months into my Apprenticeship

I am now 5 months into the apprenticeship and it is going even better than it was when I wrote my first blog 3 months in. Since my last blog I have taken on a lot more tasks and responsibilities and it has made me feel like I am now contributing much more and becoming a valued member of the team. From the start of my apprenticeship up until the 20th January I was working for ‘Team 1’ in the transfers department which deals with pre settlement transfers. During my time in team 1 I was taught many different roles and was given the responsibility to complete these tasks once I had been fully trained on them. The different roles involved looking at physical transfers, electronic transfers, ISA transfers and data inputting. I couldn’t have asked for better training and everyone who guided me within the team was extremely helpful, when I had any queries they would take time out of doing their own work just so they could help me out – this was greatly appreciated. Once my time was up in Team 1 I moved down to Team 2 which deals with post settlement transfers. I am now three weeks into my time with team 2 and it is going well so far (I think !). The first week involved me getting to know the new roles I was going to be expected to fulfil and I received some further training. Since then I have been given the responsibility to carry out these roles and I feel as though the experience gained from being given this responsibility will be invaluable in the future. I am staying with the transfers department until April 4th and I will be sad to leave the team as I have built strong relationships with my fellow workers in the department. The next department I will be working with is Pensions and although I will be upset to leave Transfers, I am looking forward to meeting new people and getting to know the roles and tasks I will be carrying out in this department of the company.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A bit about me and my apprenticeship...

Hi, my name is Greg Beaver and I am currently one of six lucky apprentices at Rathbones. I am 18 years of age (for a few more days anyway) and I am from a place called Wallasey which is on the other side of the River Mersey almost directly opposite our Liverpool office. 
Prior to starting with Rathbones I went to a school called Mosslands were I carried out both my GCSE’s and A levels.  Once I finished my A levels it was always my preferred option to get an apprenticeship so when I come across the advert for Rathbones it appealed to me straight away. I was keen to go down this route as I believe the opportunity to continue learning on both an academic and practical basis whilst in a working environment is the best career path for me.

After having been chosen from the initial applicants I had to take part in an intense week with 12 other candidates so we could prove we were suitable for one of the apprenticeships. On day one (Monday) we attended Rathbones offices to get an introduction on what the apprenticeship was about. On Tuesday and Wednesday we then had to attend Archbishop Beck Catholic Collage where we were taught presentation and interview skills (which helped a lot for the forthcoming days). The Thursday and Friday was then the most nerve racking time of the week. On Thursday I had to undertake a presentation in front of 12 members of staff at Rathbones. Then the Friday was interview day which was in front of 3 workers at Rathbones. After sitting by the phone the following Monday morning, I finally got the call which made the previous week all worthwhile as I was successful in becoming one of the six apprentices.
I am now over a month into the apprenticeship and it couldn’t be going any better (I think !!). I am continuing to learn different roles within my department (Transfers) so I hope that next month I can talk you through the many different roles that I am presently experiencing.